Thursday, 25 October 2012

$linq – A Javascript LINQ library v1.0 Released

Few days back, $linq v1.0 was released which is now available for download from codeplex website.

$linq is a Javascript version of .NET’s LINQ to Objects and implements most of the corresponding .NET LINQ to Objects methods like select , select many, where, order by, distinct, group by, join, except etc.

$linq also implements some of the methods that are inspired by MoreLinq and can work with arrays and JQuery collections

Below is a sample program

var people = [{ Name: "Senthil Kumar"},

{ Name: "Norton Stanley"},

{ Name: "Pavam M"}];

var filteredData = people.where("x => x ='Norton Stanley'").toArray();

Download $linq – A Javascript LINQ library from Codeplex
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