Wednesday, 25 September 2013

How Students Are Using The Internet For Studying

Does anyone out there remember actually having to go to the library to research for a paper? I remember having to order books from other libraries when I was in graduate school and -gasp- had to wait for them to be sent to me!

Annoying, right?

Even in that relatively short amount of time, we’ve been cultured to understand that we can learn from anything, anywhere, immediately. The landscape of researching and studying has changed quite a bit, hasn’t it? While I’m a little sad that there is no sourcing listed (and as such, I can’t cross check the information presented) the handy infographic below has taught me a few interesting things about current students’ online studying and research habits.

Did You Know?

  • Only 10% of students report using books from libraries to help them study
  • 100% of students report using Wikipedia to study
  • 80% of students report using social networks to help them study
  • 55% of students report using online services to help them write their papers

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