Monday, 5 November 2012

Book Rail Tickets with IRCTC Mobile Application

The world adapted fast from paper work to computers, and now are shifting at an incredible fast to mobile solutions. Every sector in government and private services need to keep in up with this chance. While there may have been a time when railway ticket booking offices overflowed with people rushing to book their tickets, the advent of the internet saw the rise of a new outlet of ticketing – The e-tickets and the i-tickets and that is possible with IRCTC Mobile Application. The emergency generation saw the introduction of the Tatkal booking service in terms of mobile app. This advancement leads to the increase in travel booking agencies’ participation in the railways.

But the generation never stops. People get busier and busier, and soon, even computers start seeming bulky. Tablets, smart phones overtake the computer and laptop sales, and soon, all businesses jump on this new avenue to make profit and provide more direct service to its clients. IRCTC booking, naturally, today, can thus be carried out on one’s phone from anywhere in the world.

IRCTC Mobile Pro Logo Book Rail Tickets with IRCTC Mobile Application

The IRCTC  also has its own java application for java based phones as depicted in the erail website. They even have their own android application in two versions – the free version with advertisements and the paid version, called IRCTC Pro.

  • Easily Download IRCTC Mobile Application from here (all OS is supported)
  • Another Announcement, similar kinda app is also available namely ATOM which is released recently. <link>
Note : If you need guide on how to book railway tickets from mobile then have a look over the official website where they have details everything. So you don’t have worry about anything, visit this link for FAQ about IRCTC Mobile, this page will clear your most of the common doubts.
These applications allow for booking of tickets from any station to another on the basis of an online calendar, checking of arrival or departure schedules for any given day as well as any delays in the train’s arrival, availability of tickets for any travel date, PNR status enquiry for a RAC or Wait List passenger, and passenger details all in one light weight application.

The IRCTC server is scheduled to undergo a change to accommodate these applications. Presently if the server gets overloaded, the apps cannot reach the server at all. However, to be able to get one’s ticket on his phone directly definitely reduces paper trail, and also acts as proof of identity.
These applications use nominal data charges as set by the network provider, and thus must comply with their speed requirements.

These apps are updated from time to time, with bugs to previous errors, or improvements to the earlier versions based on user feedback. When the world is moving so fast paper is getting redundant, mobile computing is gaining the upper hand, and wireless technologies are the future, the IRCTC mobile applications are a very important tool and that can really make our life very easy to live. These pro app provided by IRCTC is really very helpful if you a regular traveler and want to check your PNR status and railway following in most time intervals.

So don’t miss to download this app. Please do comment and share your views about this!

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