Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What is cloud computing

In a complex manner, we may define cloud computing as an Internet – based computing in which we share resources on large scale. However, let me just simplify this and make your understand.

Just take the example of Amazon and eBay. These two websites are the world's leading online shopping websites where people order things and get them instantly. Now, just think. On a regular day, eBay and Amazon get an amount of traffic which their servers can easily take care of. They will be able to manage all this traffic because they have a number of servers which are enough to take care of the traffic. But consider a day when there will be a huge bump by people placing orders for gift items and all.

Think about Christmas day. Sites like eBay and Amazon get much more traffic on such celebration days than that in normal days. Suppose they get as much as twenty times higher traffic on the two days. What will happen? Just for the sake of continuing their business for a day, will it be just fine to invest in buying far more number of servers to facilitate their business, their traffic? No. This will not be a wise step, even though they have enough amount of capital to buy more servers.

However, a wiser step would be that eBay and Amazon get the benefit of cloud computing. Throughout the world, they might ask various companies to share their servers for just one day for a specific rate and after that they will come back on their own servers only. This will save a large amount of money as well as get the things done.

This is the benefit of cloud computing. With cloud computing, we get the help of various resources all throughout the world. We need to carry less space for ourselves and all we need is to co-operate and share. This reduces a lot of problems, amount of investment needed, time to be spent on, etc.

Google CR-48 Netbook was a step in the field of cloud computing by Google. Chrome CR-48 netbook has just 16GB of memory and all it depends is on cloud computing.

Will Windows 8 will be a cloud operating system?

The question which appears next is that since more companies are trying their hands on cloud computing will Microsoft be behind. Will Microsoft be just making mobile operating systems and computer operating systems? Will it not do something in the field of cloud computing to put up a landmark in the industry of cloud computing? After all, it is the giant which governs a big deal of the software industry.

At such a crucial moment, experts say that it is very much possible that Windows 8 cloud operating system might emerge. Windows 8 might be the project from Microsoft which will be the first step in the field of cloud computing.

If yes, then it is a real challenge for other companies as we all know it is Microsoft today which makes big deals and not Google and Apple. Whatever be their fates but yes, when it comes to marketing things, Microsoft is a raging bull. If Windows 8 cloud operating system emerges (if Windows 8 is a cloud operating system), then definitely other Open Source operating systems like Linux etc. will be taking steps to enter the world of cloud computing.

Windows 8 and Future of Cloud Computing

Be it whatever, but I have enough faith in Microsoft that if they enter the cloud computing business, definitely they will give their rivals, the current and the upcoming a stiff throat cut competition. As we all know that by far Windows has been the most successful operating systems, definitely Windows 8 cloud operating system, if emerges, would be the next big thing. We will all be eagerly waiting to know what features Windows 8 will have if it is a cloud computing operating system.

It is possible that seeing the fate of Windows 8, Microsoft might begin creating desktops of their own, marketing the hardwares from different companies. I am saying this because no one knows business better than Microsoft. They can do things which are not really expected. If they begin making such desktops, then they might have the same feature of low onboard memory but might provide the benefit of memory on the go, that is cloud computing. They might provide us with features like online private web space for free for a specific rate over a period of time. They might bring into practice what Google is doing. They might start manufacturing laptops in a way no one else might.

All these are just the possibilities of Windows 8 and Microsoft's plans. But nothing can be clearly said with certainty. All I would say that if Windows 8 or Windows Midori shake hands with the cloud computing world, then definitely, computing will experience a new phase, a new era, which might be a gift from Microsoft Corporation, the company of uncle Bill.

The question I leave onto you is whether Windows 8 cloud operating system dream would come true or it is just a vague guess by the experts.

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