Thursday, 20 October 2011

How to select the Best Mobile Phone..............?

With  new cell phones being launched every week in the market, it is at times very difficult to select a model …. now a days people are facing a problem of “plethora of choices “(i personally feel its an uphill task  to select the phone that best suits you in today’s time  ). So I have posted  some key points that will surely help you to decide which phone suits you the BEST ….. or else reading this will surely help you to lower the number of options …
mobiles How to select the Best Mobile Phone
So let the Search begin :–
Everybody has different priorities or likings but most of us will definitely consider the following factors while deciding (however it may not be in the same order )
  1. Cost :- The first thing that comes to one’s mind is to set the limit of your spending (because often you end up spending  10 – 20 % more than you actually planned earlier as  its a human tendency .. you cant help it  )
  2. Specification of Mobile :- Please ensure that the mobile phone that you are going to buy meets the minimum requirements  (we are never satisfied but yes we  do have an acceptance level above which we  start feeling satisfied ) which includes Processor , Built in memory (or a memory card) , Operating System (discussed in full detail later ) , Network Technology(GSM or CDMA) ,3-G Support .etc.
  3. Camera and Multimedia Features :- Amongst youth,  good camera and sound quality  is a top priority,  as mobile phones are the most common forms of entertainment, so try not to compromise on these features.
  4. Operating System :- With the launch of Google’s Android in 2007 a wide variety of operating systems are available with you  (Android is among the best ) so try to choose the best operating system  (or latest ) as the ease of using the phone depends on your operating system along with the processing speed of your mobile phone . Multiple choices for Operating Systems are now available in market such as  Android , Symbian , Windows etc .
  5. 3-G support :- Now a days 3G support capacity is a must with most of the service providers switching to 3 -G across the globe.
  6. Looks:- For many of us first thing that clique is the “zing of Looks” in a mobile phone.Looks can never be ignored it’s a very important deciding factor (especially with women clip image002 How to select the Best Mobile Phone) a good display and dashing looks is a very deadly combination  .
  7. Touch screen Or Key pad :- All  smart phones now a days come with touch screens and a good sensitive screen is always good to have (Capacitive screen must be preferred ) . Touch screen phones give you a whole lot better experience than the  phones without it, so going  for phones with both touch screen and keypad is better (Strongly consider this point if you communicate more via sms )

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